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Lovely childhood memories and stories are among the most valuable things we have. That's why WITHWHITE wants to make it easier for parents and their children to write down and keep their stories. WITHWHITE creates elegant and personal products that focus on children and their stories, and that accompany the children as they grow older.

WITHWHITE products are an original, tasteful birth gift that may accompany parents and children for a lifetime.

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The universe with love Poster - Withwhite
The universe with love Poster - Withwhite
A beautiful decoration for children rooms: a hand drawn poster of the universe for the kidsroom. “I love you to the moon and back”… Info: Printed on 250 g. quality paper Hand drawn Nordic Eco Labeled printing Sizes: A4 + 30x40cm Printed...
From €9.90 * €13.00 *
My Book - wonderful gift for birth - baby journal
My Book by WITHWHITE - Baby Journal
Childhood memories and stories are some of the most precious things we have. "My Book" makes it easy to capture your child’s first memories and stories. A wonderful gift for birth of a baby: "My Book" is a baby journal where you can...
€49.95 *
Extra Pages for "My Book"
Extra Pages for "My Book"
The extra pages for the keepsake memory book are made as note pads. They are made in 2 different widths: a slim and a wide version. Both versions have 4 holes so that they fit into the book. Wide note pad: The wide note pad contains 25...
€9.90 *